Energy Efficient Operation & Maintenance of SEU's

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Energy Efficient Operation & Maintenance of SEU's

Duration - 1 Day

Learning Outcomes 

This course outlines the operational control requirements for significant energy users within an energy management system aligned to ISO50001. The course outlines the ideal means of operating common significant energy users such as boilers, air compressors, refrigeration systems and HVAC systems. Attendees will gain an appreciation of how to adequately operate these energy users in order to optimise energy in routine operation and maintenance activities. Topics Include:
  • ISO50001 energy management systems requirements

  • Operation and Maintenance of Boilers

  • Operation and Maintenance of Air Compressors

  • Operation and Maintenance of HVAC Systems

  • Operation and Maintenance of Refrigeration Plant


This course is aimed at anyone in an organisation who is required to operate maintain or manage significant energy users. Ideal for energy team members, and members of the operations and maintenance departments.


There are no prerequisites for this course however some knowledge the energy management system and the operation of significant energy users is desirable.

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